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The National Geographic new website was developed by Grow Under

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Grow Under had the privilege to contribute to the new website of Portuguese version of The National Geographic in a partnership with the digital marketing company WebConcept.

This collaboration between Grow Under, WebConcept and The National Geographic - - was aimed at helping this reference magazine to make some updates, in terms of software and menus and articles visual appearance.

The intervention also aimed to perform the migration to the SAPO portal, a process in which Grow Under team took over the reins, with total responsibility in terms of the Site Management. WebConcept was responsible for the project Digital Marketing Management.

More than 100 years of history

The National Geographic has been in continuous publication for more than 100 years. It currently has global editions in over 30 languages with versions in Portugal and Brazil, thus covering a universe of millions of readers.

Its range of subjects goes through geography, biology, physics, history and photography, among many others. As a renowned publication it has, therefore, a reputation to maintain.

Joomla update and migration to SAPO

Grow Under started by updating The National Geographic website for the latest versions of Joomla!, as well as their components and plugins.

After betting on this CMS (Content Management System), the magazine trusted the task to Grow Under whose team of professionals is especially experienced and skilled in Joomla´s virtues.

We also restructured the website menu and proceeded to a reorganization in terms of the articles appearance in the several categories. Furthermore, we did the content editing work, including correcting faults and formatting texts.

Grow Under was also responsible by implementing important safety measures, a detail that is increasingly essential and not always ensured by many reference websites in the Internet.

Finally, we supported the website migration to SAPO, a process that can be changeling, especially for the less experienced, particularly in terms of customization of templates and content.

In the end, the result is a more accessible web page and, therefore, easier to use, more appealing and safer, with the quality of content that The National Geographic has accustomed us in its 100 years of existence.  

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