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How does Google Ads work?

Your ads groups enter in an auction of keywords - the same keywords that potential customers search for and that are somehow relevant and related to your product.

We assign each keyword a maximum amount that we are willing to pay per click and, according to this value, and an ad quality score calculated by Google, the ad's position is calculated.

What we work?

  • Creating campaigns and ad groups

  • Study, selection and suggestion of relevant keywords
  • Bidding style setting
  • Location and language targeting
  • Bidding adjustment
  • Targeting predominance by devices
  • Scheduling campaigns to the exact time
  • Setting up ad extensions (location, phone number, annotations, sitelinks, structured snippets)
  • Monitoring the results of active campaigns
  • Landing Pages Improvement

How does a Google Ads looks like on the search network?

Grafico Google Ads

How much is the investment?

You only pay when someone clicks on the search ad. The maximum value per click is defined by keyword, as well as the maximum limit per day. With Google Ads Campaigns you can choose how much you want to invest and change that amount at any time.

We work on the quality score in order to lower costs and increase the exposure of your ads.

Ready to get started?

Ask us for a detailed quote of what you need or take a look at our pricing to get an idea of how much it might cost you to provide our services.

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