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Do you want to have your website at the top of the search engines? We have the solution: we improve your website with the best optimization techniques, bringing you the customers who are really looking for your product or service.

Get ready for this mind-blowing trip to the top of Internet searches!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) emerged from the competition for space at the top of Internet searches. Who doesn't want to have their website ranked first in search? We want to be two or three clicks away from those looking for our services or products, and if possible ahead of competitors.

The best ranked websites have more visits, have greater credibility, and are more likely to convert.

The good news is that quality is rewarded

Search engines use algorithms to calculate the quality index of all sites, evaluating, among other aspects, the content, structure, organization and context. The sites are thus positioned in a certain order based on this quality rating. The rules for indexing and assigning value are constantly changing, so optimization for search engines is a permanent and laborious process that improves a website - see here an example of how it can be applied.

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Lista de tarefas SEO

The good practices developed by Grow Under

  • Needs evaluation
  • Choice of keywords
  • Competition Analysis
  • Relevant content
  • Image optimization
  • Information Architecture
  • Links between pages for indexing
  • Well-built landing pages
  • Call to Actions
  • Possibility of sharing on social networks
  • Code optimization in order to improve site speed

Constant learning

There are no exact formulas for doing search engine optimization, only recommended techniques like those mentioned above or in some of the articles we publish on the Blog. It is a recent “science” and, like any other technological area, is constantly being updated. That is why we consider it essential that our team continues its training in this area.

The Grow Under team regularly participates in SEO training and postgraduate courses, as we believe that this is the only way to elevate our clients' websites and place them among the best.

Ready to get started?

Ask us for a detailed quote of what you need or take a look at our pricing to get an idea of how much it might cost you to provide our services.


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