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Case Study Huasi: the importance of online visual identity

Case Study Huasi: the importance of online visual identity

The corporate image or online visual identity is an essential factor for any company, especially in the areas of greater competition. See how it can be decisive in a web development project... 

Grow Under helped a local construction company, Huasi, to develop an institutional website that reinforces the project's positioning as one of the "main players in the market". 

Come to know in detail what was behind the development of the website of the Engineering and Construction company, as well as the solution found and the results obtained. 

The Project

Huasi is dedicated to Engineering and Construction projects, including works on houses, buildings and condominiums, among others. 

In addition to carrying out projects from scratch, it also implements remodeling and rehabilitation, as well as preventive maintenance interventions. 

With a team of professionals who provide services on a "24/7 basis to solve problems, guiding the best solutions" and making each project a work of excellence, Huasi has as its motto "creating value with quality". 

The company has private clients, but also operates in the management of condominiums and works with insurance and real estate companies. 

Its form of action is based on the concept of "turnkey project", being responsible for all stages, from the Preliminary Study to the Architecture and Engineering Project, passing through the approval by the City Council until the execution of the work and final delivery.

The main objective is "to be among the main players in the market and to be a benchmark for excellence in Engineering and Construction products and services". 

Main Challenge 

Huasi had very clear and defined objectives when it looked for Grow Under to build its website. 

But these goals were poorly adapted to the web language. After all, Huasi's specialty is Engineering and Construction, while the web specialists are the Grow Under´s professionals. 

Thus, the first challenge of the project was to translate Huasi's objectives into an executable digital strategy. 

The company did not have a website, which was a disadvantage compared to the competition. 

In addition, Huasi needed to reinvigorate its visual identity, with the development of a new corporate image. 

That way, the main objectives to be achieved were the following: 

  • Improve the company's visual identity
  • Create a simple website, but with essential data
  • Ensuring a good browsing experience for the user
  • Responsive solution and, therefore, suitable for mobile
  • Collect contacts from potential customers. 

Huasi Identidade visual online 2 

The Website Development Process 

The construction and engineering market is marked by intense competition, so it was important for Huasi to have a page that would make it stand out from its rivals. 

However, the process of creating a new web design can be time-consuming and complicated. But Grow Under has experience in analyzing digital marketing data to identify which are the most appropriate web design solutions, according to the goals to be achieved. 

We create the perfect Web Design.

Thus, we sought a solution with a professional design, but simple, in order to capture the attention of potential customers. It was also intended to find the best alternative to strengthen the company's reputation. 

Most of Huasi's customers were obtained through more traditional marketing methods. 

However, it was necessary to develop a website that would open the door to potential new customers and that would function as a tool to support sales and lead generation, specifically to collect budget requests and contacts. 

The project's implementation strategy was thus tacked, considering the importance of highlighting the main works already completed by Huasi. 

These projects are, in essence, the greatest testimony to the quality of the work done by the company and can serve as a sign of trust for the customers. 

Thus, the design and development teams worked together to shape the defined strategy. 

The Solution

One of the first steps in implementing the project was the design of a new logo for Huasi. This process was instrumental in shaping the website's web design. 

The creation of the new logo was aimed at rejuvenating the brand, but following the professionalism and sobriety of its history. 

This was the starting point for the reconstruction of the company's visual identity. 

After defining this web design component, the bet was on creating a website that would allow potential Huasi customers to qualify their purchasing decisions. 

And as the company's work speaks for itself, it was essential to highlight some of Huasi's projects, with photos that illustrate them.

In addition to the portfolio of works, we also chose to higlight the contact forms, namely to ask a quote. In this way, we wanted to remove any barriers and difficulties in accessing company contacts. 

Thus, we bet on a modern and mobile friendly approach, with a conscious choice for a clean design, simplified content and easy to access. 

It is often said that less is more. So we've highlighted the essentials to avoid confusions and help the potential customers to find what they need.

The Results

In the end, the rebranding of Huasi's visual identity allowed to improve and renew the perception of the brand. This revitalization of image also helps to position the company in the market. 

It should be noted that, in this process, Grow Under also provided the customer with a Visual Identity Manual with a set of recommendations and rules for its use. 

This Manual was made by the web design team to help Huasi preserve the visual properties of its brand, namely by explaining the elements of the logo and their organization, as well as defining the technical specifications of the colors. 

A professional and easy-to-navigate website also contributes to the strengthening of visual identity, without friction or confusion. The solution that is also suitable for mobile ensures a good user experience, with quick and clear access to essential content. 

In this process, contact forms were created in very visible areas and with Call-To-Actions that appeal to the user's click. 

On the other hand, the projects Portfoliois a solid testimony to the work done by the company and reflects more accurately its competences and capabilities. 

The dissemination of the services and projects carried out helps to make purchasing decisions, thus increasing the chances of contacts and requests for quotation.

In conclusion…

The new Huasi website helps to revitalize the visual identity of the brand. It also gives to potential customers an easy way to find out what the company does, and how they can count on it to turn their dreams into reality. 

If your company also needs a new website or to revitalize its visual identity, ask for your budget now. It's free and without commitments.