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Case Study Lux Solis

Case Study Lux Solis: sale of luxury real estate

Find out how to develop a website for sale of luxury real estate with Joomla CMS and multilingual content in Portuguese, English and Arabic.

Grow Under was responsible for the development of Lux Solis´s new website. Get to know the main steps of this real estate company project - https://www.luxsolis.pt/pt/.

Lux Solis: a reference in the sale of luxury real estate

The real estate market in Portugal is red hot, with a dynamic that has not been seen for a long time. But the demand for real estate has also increased the competition of companies that move in this sector. In order to gain advantage over the competition, and increased visibility, Lux Solis appealed to Grow Under to develop a website that is responsive to current challenges.

Today, to have a digital strong presence is essential to any business, but especially fundamental in the luxury real estate sector. Internet is frequently the place where everyone goes to look for the first information.

To develop an attractive website to raise leads

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With the commercial purpose of selling luxury real estate in mind, it was important to develop a website dully prepared to attend the users´ needs.

Therefore, we developed pages for each real estate development being sold. Each page was optimised to promote real estate in the best way, namely to get Google´s searches attention, through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also to get the best of Google Ads.

The investment in advertising on Google through Google Ads, is an interesting strategy to raise leads and potential customers, mainly in the sale of luxury real estate area. This is one of the major goals of the Lux Solis website.

The real estate new web page was designed thinking on the direct sale of luxury properties.

Multilingual website: Portuguese, English and Arabic

Technically, the platform of choice for the website host fell in Jomla CMS, a Content Management System whose main virtues are the ease of use and update, as well as the adaptation flexibility and robust security.

The need to develop a multilingual website was also relevant for betting on Joomla. This open source CMS includes functionalities allowing the quick and easy installation of multilingual modules.

The website has been configured to Portuguese and English, and the final installation of the Arabic version is being prepared. This was the biggest challenge of the project, since Arabic is a completely different language than Portuguese, with entirely new language codes and structure.

But the challenge is about to be overcome, with the final version of the Arabic website to be finalized, which will especially value the business area of Lux Solis. The Arabic market is one of the main focuses of the real estate which has high or luxury segment customers. Therefore, it has a great interest in getting Arabic investors’ attention, once they are recognized by their high financial capacity, and by the growing interest in real estate in Europe.

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Customer-tailored design

Grow Under’s projects are marked by exclusive designs, without predefined templates. And that was also the case of Lux Solis website, which was designed from scratch, focusing on meeting the client's goals and needs.

On the other hand, it was also necessary to write the contents of the website with especial attention to SEO and Google optimization, but also with the sale of luxury real estate in mind. The content creators team concentrated in the most relevant details to write custom texts.

The result is a professional, but appealing website, focused on the larger goal that justifies it, that is, to sell luxury real estate.

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