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CMS Prestashop

Sample´s Case Study: Online store with CMS Prestashop

Find out how to update and migrate an online store from OpenCart to CMS Prestashop with the implementation of multilingual functionalities, and SEO optimization.

Grow Under was responsible for the development and implementation of Sample´s new online store - -, a space dedicated to selling skateboards. A challenging project based on CMS Prestashop.

Keep up with the features implemented in this e-commerce project and get to know the reasons justifying the focus on CMS Prestashop. 

Sample: a reference in the skateboard universe

Sample is a reference in Portugal, in the skateboard universe, after being one of the first stores in the country dedicated to this sport. In the past, it has had a physical store in Chiado, in Lisbon, but it closed. Now, it´s just focused on the online store, and its big bet is to expand into other markets, particularly the Spanish.


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Sample Skates

The bet on CMS Prestashop

The first big decision in the Sample´s new online store project was about the website´s migration from the OpenCart platform to Prestashop. This Open Source e-commerce system gives more guarantees of stability and robustness for the future, decisive factors for the choice made.

Developed in PHP and MySQL, CMS Prestashop allows to create customized online stores, including categories, products and unlimited attributes. It also allows to manage stocks and quantities, to collect analytics data and reports, to create clients’ accounts and to set up discount coupons. 

The multistore functionality of CMS Prestashop was also used to create two different websites in appearance - one for the online store, and the other for distribution to resellers - from the same platform installation.

Migration, content management and SEO 

The biggest challenge of Sample´s new online store development was the custom Database migration. It was necessary to create several scripts for the migration of products, images, users and order history. 

After migration of all content, it was also essential to reorganize it, with the restructuring of categories.

In technical terms, we´ve created custom modules, and it was also needful to optimize the website SEO, namely by removing duplicated pages, in addition to implementing other relevant aspects that enable a better positioning of the online store in Google ranking.

Optimize, optimize, optimize

However, the launch of the new Sample´s online store does not put an end to the job. Grow Under will continue the project with an intervention aiming the overall optimization of the website.

CMS Prestashop LinguasAmong the steps already defined for the short term, there is the detailed study of keywords in order to improve the website´s positioning in Google ranking. In this sense, it is also essential to optimize page titles and meta descriptions. These procedures will enhance the content, making it more appealing for search engines like Google.

In another scope, the intervention involves the improvement of the online store positioning in the European market, with focus on Spain. The success of Sample within doors motivates the desire of implantation in the neighbouring country in the short term. Having this goal in mind the website has been deployed with multilingual features. Therefore, the first step towards the internationalization of the project was already given. Now, it's just "feed" the idea and continue the plan.