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Smile, you're on "camera"!

But don´t worry, it is for your own good and there are no risks associated – read our Privacy and Cookie Policy to realize what we are talking about.


Privacy Policy

Grow Under can ensure this website´s visitors a safe browsing by using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This security technology assures the encryption of the connection between a web server and a browser, safeguarding the transferred data from third party violations.

In addition, we have implemented several security measures, both at the technical level and in the context of organizational processes, to guarantee the strict protection of all site data, namely of undue or unauthorized treatment.

In the case there is some kind of serious data breach or security incident, Grow Under will alert the individuals involved, as well as the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD), within the defined deadlines.

The Personal Data collected on this website are exclusively for disclose information, replying to requests left in the contact forms, thus resulting from visitors´ free and spontaneous initiative and serving their explicit interests.

Any possible storage and use of Personal Data for other purposes, such as sending newsletters or other forms of marketing, shall only be carried out after the collection of prior, clear and informed consent, of the individuals involved. We also do not promote any profiling action.

This website does not include any private area for visitors, with the registration of Personal Data, nor does it include login processes, with the entry of username and password. Thus, you must make a contact via email or address provided on the website, with a clear identification, for any requests to make changes or rectifications, to withdraw any consent to treatment, to request deletion of your Personal Data in our possession (provided that they are not required for company accounting purposes), or for data portability (in order to receive a copy of the data). We will respond to these requests as soon as possible.

In full respect of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, we guarantee the confidentiality of all Personal Data in our possession, and we don´t sell, nor do we share our Databases with other entities.

Personal Data that are collected by Grow Under are stored in properly secured electronic infrastructures, with safety copies, within the European Union (EU) territory, and are not shared with other companies or entities, whether inside or outside the EU – this sharing will only occur with the proper consent of the respective holders, and only in order to provide necessary information to business partners to materialize projects in progress; or when such sharing is mandatory by law or is indispensable to preserve the protection of Grow Under’s interests.

Grow Under undertakes to keep in its possession the Personal Data exclusively necessary and for the time strictly necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, or for a maximum period of five years, in accordance with the legislation in force, according to the circumstances.

Grow Under employees and collaborators are fully aware of the importance of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, having received adequate training for data correct treatment and processing in full compliance with the obligations of the law.



In general terms, cookies are data files that are stored in your computer, smartphone or tablet whenever you visit a website.

Grow Under’s website uses cookies with two main objectives, which can be confirmed as follows:

  • On the one end, cookies allow to improve the website´s visitors user experience with a better navigation, and their preferences data storage (for instance, their language, and other settings that are saved for a future visit);
  • On the other hand, cookies from Google Analytics, help us to analyse the website’s traffic patterns, and to count the visits stats in order to check the website performance.

Grow Under’s cookie policy does not imply the visitors´ individual identification through the Personal Data storage.

By continuing to use our website, you agree with our privacy and cookie policy.

All browsers display tools to manage cookies, allowing to “clean”, deactivate or refuse this data files storage every time you visit a website. Usually these options are on the browsers´ menu in “Settings” or “Preferences”, or in “Browsing History”. However, you must be aware that deleting or refusing cookies may affect the normal navigation on the website, worsening its usability.


We may update the Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time, without previous warning, updating the date of the last review carried out in the bottom of this page.

For any questions related to this Privacy Policy, please contact Grow Under via the email


Last review made at 24/05/2018.

About Us

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We are a multidisciplinary and experienced team of developers, programmers, web designers, copywriters, content writers and social media managers. Uncomplicated - this is our work philosophy and our way of life. And we believe that all dreams are possible.

At Grow Under, your business gains wings!



How we can help

We provide customized services of web development, site management, web design, web consulting, search engine optimization (SEO) and training in Joomla!, with solutions tailored to the needs and goals to be achieved.

Hard work, constant innovation and a lot of passion. These are the values that drive the multifaceted and experienced professionals of Grow Under.

We believe that only great teams can develop major projects – and the client is always the star in our team. We give priority to their ideas, fulfilling the desired goals and going beyond them, with creative and long-lasting solutions, and helping to accelerate their business.

We bet on simplicity as a conducting wire for success. And we embrace each project as an opportunity to generate a wave of positivity and happiness in people's lives.

Developing projects and fulfilling dreams since 2012.


Tailored solutions with innovative and responsive designs.


We believe in Joomla! to create reliable and robust websites.


How we work

Everything starts with your dream, your idea. At Grow Under, we shape your project, organizing an interdisciplinary work team, based on creativity and technical competence, and fully focused on the developing solution.

We always work in close cooperation with the customer, as the ideal partner to bust your business. We hear what you have to say, and we respond quickly to the requests presented.

The ability to solve problems is one of the assets of the Grow Under´s team. The flexibility of solutions is another of our strengths, to meet the challenges presented to us.

With a strategy focused on the user, and on the Internet concept for all, we create outstanding digital experiences, connecting your project with positive emotions.

Moreover, once Grow Under philosophy is based on remote working, we are always here to solve your problems, and to respond to your requests.


Focus on your business. We take care of your website!


Contact us now!


Thank You

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Grow Under appreciates your contact. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.


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Our customers have a close relationship with Grow Under, always having an immediate response to every issue.


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